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NIIT StackRoute is a suite of continuing education programs that target high-demand jobs in technology. Our mission is to enable you with high-quality, practitioner-led, immersive learning that prepares you to be job-ready on day one. Learn with us as we build a future-ready workforce for high-demand technology careers.
Our Online Tech Bootcamps Train Professionals

in the Most In-Demand IT Careers

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Online Tech Bootcamps to Address the Talent Crisis

A talent crisis is looming over the global economy. The rapid pace of digital disruption is forcing individuals to develop skills now to stay relevant in this dynamic job market, and 40% of core skills are going to change in the next five years, displacing millions of jobs. Here at StackRoute Learning, we care deeply about addressing the growing shortage of skilled professionals. That’s why our jobs-focused programs are ready to train future IT professionals to make an immediate impact in organizations throughout the world today.

New IT jobs to be filled
Source: BLS
85 million
Jobs to be replaced in the next five years due to automation
Source: World Economic Forum
1.3 billion
People needing to upskill and reskill
Source: World Economic Forum

StackRoute Tech Bootcamps Can Help Students Either Advance or Change Careers

Focus on Actual Jobs
Our programs are mapped to actual job roles, allowing students to develop not only industry-relevant skills but also the insight to apply them.
Convenient Online Format
Graduates can hit the ground running in the most in-demand IT careers in as little as 24 weeks.
Preparation for Day 1
Students develop skills to stay relevant in today’s dynamic job market.
Problem-Solving Opportunities
Our practice-based environment provides a truly immersive learning experience.


Immersive mentor led sessions
Outcome Oriented
Experiential Apprenticeship - Go through hands-on, experiential learning
  • Attend Virtual Live Sessions.
  • Session on the context & concepts.
  • Practice your lessons.
  • Attend debrief of practice & challenge.
  • Small group teamups.
Mastery Learning - Achieve mastery on Data Analysis
Immersive learning - our individualized and group-based learning pedagogy 

Weekly Schedule

24 Hours per Week

(More part time、full time options are available.)

(evening 7:00-11:00pm)
Mentor online
On your own
Synchronous – Attend Virtual Live Connects to do these activities with Faculty:
  • Session on the context & concepts.
  • To do practice.
  • Attend debrief of practice & challenge.
  • Configure remote access using the web console and SSH.
  • Small group interventions (may come up basis the progress from learner).
Asynchronous – On your own as per the schedule:
  • Complete and submit any pending Practice.
  • Review Learning Consolidation.
  • Take up Concept Quiz.
  • Complete and submit Challenge.

The NIIT StackRoute Learning Advantage

At NIIT StackRoute, we don’t just focus on program completion. Our goals is program mastery so that learners are proficient and can be job-ready on Day One. Moreover, our curriculum is mapped to actual job roles which are in high demand in the industry so that students don’t just learn skills – they master them to become career-ready professionals.

Mapped to job roles, not just skills
Our programs are mapped to actual job roles which are in high demand.
Focus on mastery, not just completion
NIIT StackRoute programs focus on mastery and students are required to create a viable working product.
Holistic skills to prepare for the workforce
Holistic skills needed by a modern technology professional are an integral part of our curriculum.
Curriculum designed with a growth mindset
We believe in a growth mindset and 80% of our learning occurs in a practice-based environment.
Careers Transformed
of top performers in teams
Productive from day one
reduction in Time-to-Deployment
Career Advice
At the end of the program, we will organize webinars to advice on  career progress. During the webinars  we will give you the tools for next steps in your career in your role based on program completed and exploring career opportunities with your new skill set.
We will organize panel discussions, workshops, presentations, and assignments from industry experts to help you find the right career path.
We will help in preparing your personal profile, prepare for technical challenges, and make a career game plan for after the program.
StackRoute for Universities and Colleges
Here at StackRoute Learning, we’re reimagining how learners enable career change or launch new careers in tech. To create potential pathways to some of today’s best jobs, we offer virtual bootcamp programs that are designed for people who want to upskill or reskill. We would love the opportunity to share insight into how you can offer award-winning bootcamps to your students. Are you ready to learn more about our curriculum and business model?

Join our Student-Mentor Community on Metaverse

NIIT brings people together to learn, meet, and train in an immersive virtual world – in China.
Students in the NIIT metaverse will access new thinking – work closely with mentors and instructors to learn and engage with new innovative technologies.
Mentors and Students Teamwork
build skills to lead and collaborate with a team by addressing local and global challenges. Industry connections – Network with industry mentors and influential people from industry, the university, and government.
Learn new skills
Communication, team-building, problem solving, ideation, challenges, quizzes and more! Have Fun and Make Friends - Engage with students, staff, and mentors in an interactive experience.

Award Winning Learning

Self Paced
This course is available as part of a Red Hat subscription, which allows you to customize your study schedule for the duration of your studies.
Virtual Training
Attend hands-on training to stay on top of technology trends and gain the knowledge you need to get certified.
Learning Subscription
Plan your learning experience flexibly with our unlimited access to on-demand online training resources.
Individual Exams
Red Hat Exams are hands-on, making them better indicators of your proficiency.
Virtual Training
Attend hands-on training to stay on top of technology trends and gain the knowledge you need to get certified.
Learning Subscription
Plan your learning experience flexibly with our unlimited access to on-demand online training resources.